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on 08, Oct 2021
I am currently utilizing Recon Mold Remediation Solutions to assist me in resolving a water leak issue in our home. James from Recon Mold Remediation Solutions has been actively engaged in this project and has been instrumental in helping me solve my problem. With this being my first home to buy he has been super patient in explaining his methodology, analysis, and data-driven results. Thanks James and to the entire team at Recon Mold Remediation Solutions
Drake Wejevich

Killeen Mold Remediation Service

Recon Mold Remediation Solutions brings to you the professional mold remediation services in all of Texas. We are specialists in all kinds of mold removal including the black molds. We have trained and certified professionals in the industry who have more than a decade of experience in removing molds from your property. We work on both commercial and residential properties and have been pros in handling water related damages and in the extraction of excess moisture which can result in molds.

You can reach us at (512) 287-7535! anytime you need expert assistance for handling molds.

Molds are the result of excess moisture that seeps into our structure during the seasonal rains or the unexpected floods. They can also be formed due to the moist conditions inside your home, like in a bathroom. Lack of proper ventilation and proper air can easily cause molds to grow. It is a natural phenomenon found in almost every home or property. But unfortunately, we cannot let it as is. They can cause severe health issues to children, people with asthmatic conditions and the elderly causing lung related breathing infections.

Get your molds out of your property by the hands of experts at Recon Mold Remediation Solutions. We are reachable at (512) 287-7535!

Certified Experts, Best Equipments

Mold is a type of fungi that grows normally in moist and humid conditions. And it is not always visible to the naked eye. Sometimes they will grow far within the structure before they become visible to you. When it comes to removing mold from your business or residential property, you need to hire a professional who is well aware on identifying the type of mold, its growth and uses the best equipment in removing it.

Recon Mold Remediation Solutions has both certified experts and the best equipment in the industry which we put into good use to keep you, your family and your property safe from molds.

Contact Recon Mold Remediation Solutions for any kind of assistance with regards to mold remediation!

What Do We Handle?

The Recon Mold Remediation Solutions, Killeen will help you with,

  1. Cleanup of molds including the black molds.
  2. Testing the air for quality and making it livable.
  3. Handling problems caused by mildew and moisture
  4. Protocol for containment and remediation in a professional manner.

IMolds are quite dangerous if not handled properly. Leave it to experts in Recon Mold Remediation Solutions to handle it for you professionally. Contact us at (512) 287-7535! to hire our services and visit here to known our presence in other locations.

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