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on 08, Oct 2021
I am currently utilizing Recon Mold Remediation Solutions to assist me in resolving a water leak issue in our home. James from Recon Mold Remediation Solutions has been actively engaged in this project and has been instrumental in helping me solve my problem. With this being my first home to buy he has been super patient in explaining his methodology, analysis, and data-driven results. Thanks James and to the entire team at Recon Mold Remediation Solutions
Drake Wejevich

Round Rock Mold Remediation Service

Dealing with molds or similar allergens, whether it is in your office or home, can be quite an arduous task. Given that we have invested so much into our home and our commercial properties, it is imperative that we make sure their integrity is not compromised in any way. Also, molds can cause serious health risks which also have to be addressed properly. If you are looking for professional mold remediation services, then visit here to check the nearest location.

You can reach out to Recon Mold Remediation Solutions at(512) 287-7535!or their professional assistance.

Mold Assessment

Any kind of water damage can result in mold growth and if not contained immediately, they can cause serious risks to your property and your health. Mold by nature will digest any organic material it comes into contact with. This means that the timbers inside your structure are at the highest risk of rotting.

Do you often find yourself or your family falling ill without any cause or reason? Then you are probably suffering from SBS (Sick Building Syndrome). This is when occupants of a building will fall ill purely because they are in a building. And the real reason is that the building has allergens like molds that cause ill effects to your health.

It is our mission to provide you with an accurate assessment in the mold problem you are facing and suggest you with the right remediation technique/equipment that will help arrest this problem to its entirety. We work independently and our interests are solely on your safety.

Contact Recon Mold Remediation Solutions at(512) 287-7535!for immediate assessment and remediation of molds!

Our Specialization

We have staff trained and certified in identifying, removing, cleaning and containment of the molds in both your commercial and residential property. We use only the best equipment in the industry that will ensure your home is completely devoid of molds or any other form of allergens released by them. We specialize in,

  1. Evaluation of the mold growth.
  2. Identification of the source and the extent of the moisture inside the structure.
  3. Determination on the right method to make use of- removal of the infected item or cleaning the same.
  4. Containment of the molds.
  5. Using the best antimicrobial solutions for better containment in case of black molds.

For immediate assistance on mold removal, abatement and remediation, give us a call at (512) 287-7535!

Instant Service

We have a 24 hour emergency response center which helps us to answer your call for help at any time during the day or night on any day of the week. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the problem along with a free estimate on the cost and time required for restoration. Our instant service solutions mean that we are there for you anywhere, any day! With variety of tie-ups with multiple insurance agents, we provide you hassle free service where you can sit back and relax while we take care of your property

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