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on 08, Oct 2021
I am currently utilizing Recon Mold Remediation Solutions to assist me in resolving a water leak issue in our home. James from Recon Mold Remediation Solutions has been actively engaged in this project and has been instrumental in helping me solve my problem. With this being my first home to buy he has been super patient in explaining his methodology, analysis, and data-driven results. Thanks James and to the entire team at Recon Mold Remediation Solutions
Drake Wejevich

Waco Mold Remediation Service

Are you sensing some odd smell or conditions inside your home or business area? Then you are probably having mold problems inside your property. And if this is the first time you are encountering this issue, then you are probably lost as to what you should do and how much of an issue it is. Well, there is no cause to worry.

Trust Recon Mold Remediation Solutions to provide you with the best solution to all your mold problems. Call us at (512) 287-7535.

Services We Offer

As part of our mold removal, remediation and restoration services, we offer you the following:

  • Cleaning Air ductsIf your HVAC system doesn’t drain out properly, then it can become a source for molds inside your air ducts. Waco is a place known for its hot and humid climate in summer, which will encourage the usage of air conditioning worsening the conditions, making them perfect for mold growth. And once the mold spores are in the ducts, they can easily spread everywhere in your house or business place. We provide services that will ensure complete cleaning of air ducts, so that you have a healthy HVAC system in place.
  • Cleaning Surfaces:t is not enough that you clean the surface of the molds. They have to be sanitized and decontaminated to ensure that there is no further growth of molds in the same area. We use the best solution for decontaminating all the surfaces of your property after the mold is completely removed and cleaned from your place.
  • Removing Unredeemable ItemsAs we clean up the areas in your house or business place, we also check if any of your possessions have been damaged due to the mold and if yes, we remove them as well separately for cleaning and restoring. In case of items that cannot be salvaged, we remove them completely and we keep you informed every step of the way.

Finally, once we have completely freed your property of the mold, we make another comprehensive inspection of the property checking for any other affected area. We also check for any excess moisture and have them removed completely. We have a presence in other areas also. Have a look on it.

For unbiased and accurate inspecting of molds and complete remediation, contact Recon Mold Remediation Solutions at (512) 287-7535.

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